Rich young rulerThe hard copy editions are in black and white, but the electronic version has over 500 original full-colour illustrations. In the new printed editions illustrations are located at the beginning of each “book” of the Bible.  In the electronic version you will find illustrations spread through the Bible, whatever the type of writing. They are a reminder to the reader not to miss any part of the Bible. There are no titles or labels, so to understand them better it is important to read the text beside or around them. They invite readers to study the text and seek to evoke a response. The illustrator is Andy Bisgrove, who lives and works in Essex, UK. He has a young family. Andy has travelled the world, living and working in both the Far East and the Caribbean. His multi-cultural experiences and life-style have endowed him with a world-view that radiates through his work. The selection of illustrations here shows Andy’s versatility. For a medium sized illustration double click on the image and to enlarge this further double click again, to return to the website page press the back arrow on your browser.