About WTL

WTL Publications is a partnership between Tony Cantale and Keith J. White that is responsible for the whole concept, design and material for the project excepting the NIrV text of the Bible.  The initials stand for Way, Truth and Life.

For many years Tony and Keith have carried this project in their hearts and they are committed to its development throughout the world.  They are also committed to the quality of every Bible and every associated material that is produced, determined that they should be beautiful, simple and accessible.

This partnership provides the umbrella for a team comprising artist and consultants including those listed at the end of the English edition.

Anything that WTL receives from the sales of The Bible will be fed in to the development of subsequent editions and materials.

WTL seeks to work in partnership with publishers and other organisations that are interested in the reading of the Bible worldwide.  It remains fully committed to its original and guiding principle of “making the Bible accessible worldwide in simple and creative ways to people of all ages and cultures.”