About This Bible

This is one of the most radical presentations of the Bible since Gutenberg. Its first editions had 500 original illustrations and designed for people of all ages especially those from non-Christian and non-western cultures and backgrounds. Text is set crisply and without interruption using a simple method to denote the primary narrative (single column as in a novel or short story). The rest of the Bible (lists, laws, poetry, letters etc) is set in double column. There are thousands of notes in the margins; maps are placed where needed; so that the first-time reader knows help is at hand should it be needed. The Bible version used is the NIrV (created for readers of English as a second language). This Bible will reach way beyond the church and is deliberately intended for Muslims, Hindus, and those of other faiths or none.

Project Background

The idea for this Bible was born in an extended family in the East End of London, UK. It was conceived to enable the Bible text to speak to people “where they are”. So if you are a Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist, or a believer in another religion then you may find this Bible a simple way of reading the Scriptures. If you have no background in religion you will find it equally simple to use. Portions of this Bible have been tested for over 25 years with people all around the world. The purpose of this edition is to give every kind of reader what they most need to know to keep on reading through the Bible.

Unique Characteristics of this Bible

Format – First it presents the whole Bible in the usual order from Genesis to Revelation, but in a way that makes it clear what is God’s story and what is a different kind of writing. If you start at the beginning you will discover that the first chapters are like a traditional book with the text running right across the page. After a few pages there is a section that uses two columns, and then it goes back to the traditional format. This is the way the whole Bible is set out. If you want to follow the Bible story right through then simply read and turn to the next section of writing across the whole page. If you are interested in details, poetry, proverbs, laws, family trees and letters, you will find these wherever there are two columns on a page. The text version in this Bible is called the NIrV.  It is an English or Anglicised edition.

Illustrations and maps–The 66 pictures are all original and created especially for this Bible and, like the maps, are carefully placed to assist the reader find her way through the library. The maps help you understand where things are taking place and how far and in what directions people in the stories travel. The whole purpose is that you can read through the Bible without having to turn elsewhere for the information you may need to understand what you read.