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  • WTL Bible pricesA unique presentation of the whole Bible
  • Over 500 full-colour illustrations
  • 21 original maps
  • Ideal for personal study, groups and classroom
  • Flexible easy-hold cover, slipcase
  • The perfect gift

THE BIBLE Narrative & Illustrated is now in stock and available for purchase. Recommended retail price is £17.50 but it is offered here at £10.99 per copy, in cases of 16 from just £10.49 per copy, or 96 (6 cases) or more at £9.99 per copy.

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This Bible is a piece of art, beautifully designed and easy to read and understand. The NIrV translation makes it perfect for the young or first-time reader or even for those with English as their second language. The text is set without interruption. The main story (the narrative) appears in simple, single-column text which allows the story to flow; and the rest of the text (lists, laws, poetry, letters, etc.) is arranged in double columns. Side notes bring clarity to the text. This Bible will compel people of all ages to read God’s Word. read more …

WTL Bible open book

Turn the pages and see for yourself

Turn the pages onscreen to see what is special about this Bible.

WTL Bible

The Bible is a story

Did you know there is a thread that runs through the whole of the Bible? … read more


In the footsteps of William Tyndale

The legacy of the man who set religious understanding free for ordinary people

Rich young ruler

The Illustrations

See a selection of pictures from The Bible (Narrative & Illustrated) and discover how they were created.